Things to do in Singapore

Singapore is a little but awesome country located in Southeast Asia. It's actually a sparkling gem shining in Asia! Singapore was the very first abroad country I visited. Back to the day when I was just 7 or 8 years old - that when my parents took me and my brother to this country for a short summer vacation. At that early age, Singapore left nothing but all the green and natural kind of thing in my mind. No chewing gums, not even spits let alone litters on roads, truly a country at the very high top level in terms of civilization compared to the others in Southeast Asia. Couples of months ago, there was a conference bringing me a chance to visit the Lion sea country again and again! For the second time in life! I arrived in Singapore two days earlier than the summit date - just to travel around as a solo traveler by then! I don't know if this post would be playing as a travel guide to Singapore or just a kind of travel blog post with a chain of thoughts and feelings of m

Top 10 Awesome things in Taiwan that you probably didn't know

It has been a couple of months since I left Taiwan. Taiwan is like a small thread on the world map but often ignored by Western travelers. However, Taiwan is still surely a cool place with its own instinct scent of charm. I have a strong passion for finding such hidden gems inside an unfamiliar world and integrating into the local culture with getting surrounded by just the locals. My desire just worked when I arrived in Taiwan. I was in the middle of just the Taiwanese flocks in not only downtown Taipei of all the touristic destinations but also multiple spots off the tourist trail. All the experience lets me come up with this article to puzzle up the pieces of my Taiwan trip memory. Just a piece of my writing saved to be shared! Here are the TEN interesting things I took notice of while having such great days in this nice land.  1. The PEOPLE are SUPER WELCOMING The local people in Taiwan are super nice and friendly. Trust me. Nowhere on this planet could you find friendlier

Off the Shifen Old Street in Taiwan during CNY

If you are craving for a real sense of the local culture in such exotic locations all over the world, you should engage into their festivals. Festivals are truly the most memorable events scattering throughout the year in each community. Getting to see local customs and traditions can somewhat be interpreted as cracking shells of living creatures to take the hidden gems out. I just arrived home last week after four nights surfing in Taiwan. Yes, I choose the word “surfing” but not “traveling” just because four days is like a flicker of flame with me jumping in for a few seconds then getting out real quick. However, I tried to scour Taiwan for its most enchanting places that I could hardly resist dropping by. One of the most well-known destinations that I must highlight is Shifen Old Street located in Pingxi District. It is where Taiwan Lantern Festival, a must-see festival featured on National Geographic ,  is annually held on the evening of the first full moon of Lunar New Year

Five Interesting Things in Myanmar

Mingalaba  MYANMAR ! Myanmar (Burma) is absolutely one of the most must-visit and undiscovered countries in the world. I strongly recommend you should travel to Myanmar if you ever have a chance to set foot on Asia. Unlike Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or any other countries that have been already affected by the booming of the globalization in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is truly a local destination full of mysteries unexplored. Having just connected to the outside world after 50 years isolated, this golden land is like a charming princess moving out from the castle for the first time. This article covers the most fascinating things that I have ever seen during my adventure in this beautiful country - Myanmar.  #1 People are deadly addicted to betel nuts When you arrive in Myanmar, I'm pretty sure that you will be first impressed by the Burmese spitting out red saliva with their teeth stained black. Don't be shocked at it! If you drink tea or coffee, peop