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Five Interesting Things in Myanmar

Mingalaba MYANMAR! Myanmar (Burma) is absolutely one of the most must-visit and undiscovered countries in the world. I strongly recommend you should travel to Myanmar if you ever have a chance to set foot on Asia. Unlike Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or any other countries that have been already affected by the booming of the globalization in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is truly a local destination full of mysteries unexplored. Having just connected to the outside world after 50 years isolated, this golden land is like a charming princess moving out from the castle for the first time. This article covers the most fascinating things that I have ever seen during my adventure in this beautiful country - Myanmar. 
#1 People are deadly addicted to betel nuts When you arrive in Myanmar, I'm pretty sure that you will be first impressed by the Burmese spitting out red saliva with their teeth stained black. Don't be shocked at it! If you drink tea or coffee, people here chew betel nut…