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Just a bit about myself

Hello fellow bloggers and awesome readers,

I'm Chi Le, at the edge of nineTEEN haha. Wish I would never get out of the Teen Bubble!

Fortunately taken to lots of destinations across the globe by my parents since childhood - like a little kangaroo hiding in their mamas' pockets, I've valued and been thankful for all the experience my parents helped me get via such wonderful trips. Since then - the days that I was just a toddler following every step they made, I'm always having a strong feeling of wanderlust deep down. I desire to explore every inch of the land I haven't been to and hunch over the piles of journals. I think my blog will mainly focus on travel writing which reflects such cultural quirks through my adventures.

I love reading blog posts and want to learn more about blogging from bloggers all over the world, so by any chance, if you're a blogger and drop by this site, please kindly let me know your treasure. I'd love to check it out!
If you have any questions, send me some feedback or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me via email: chilevblog@gmail.com I'm always happy to hit the reply button!


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