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Off the Shifen Old Street in Taiwan during CNY

If you are craving for a real sense of the local culture in such exotic locations all over the world, you should engage into their festivals. Festivals are truly the most memorable events scattering throughout the year in each community. Getting to see local customs and traditions can somewhat be interpreted as cracking shells of living creatures to take the hidden gems out. I just arrived home last week after four nights surfing in Taiwan. Yes, I choose the word “surfing” but not “traveling” just because four days is like a flicker of flame with me jumping in for a few seconds then getting out real quick. However, I tried to scour Taiwan for its most enchanting places that I could hardly resist dropping by. One of the most well-known destinations that I must highlight is Shifen Old Street located in Pingxi District. It is where Taiwan Lantern Festival, a must-see festival featured on National Geographic, is annually held on the evening of the first full moon of Lunar New Year (15th of …