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Top 10 Awesome things in Taiwan that you probably didn't know

It has been a couple of months since I left Taiwan. Taiwan is like a small thread on the world map but often ignored by Western travelers. However, Taiwan is still surely a cool place with its own instinct scent of charm. I have a strong passion for finding such hidden gems inside an unfamiliar world and integrating into the local culture with getting surrounded by just the locals. My desire just worked when I arrived in Taiwan. I was in the middle of just the Taiwanese flocks in not only downtown Taipei of all the touristic destinations but also multiple spots off the tourist trail. All the experience lets me come up with this article to puzzle up the pieces of my Taiwan trip memory. Just a piece of my writing saved to be shared! Here are the TEN interesting things I took notice of while having such great days in this nice land. 
1. The PEOPLE are SUPER WELCOMING The local people in Taiwan are super nice and friendly. Trust me. Nowhere on this planet could you find friendlier locals th…