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A Mini Guide to Eating in Hanoi

Vietnamese cuisine offers an extraordinary cluster of gastronomic delights throughout a foodie adventure. It is an insight into an unforgettable concoction of a boundless variety of ingredients blended in the balance of sweet, salty, sour, hot and spicy flavors. Hanoi is one of the most famous cities in the world for foodie connoisseurs. You will never go out hungry in this capital all day and night as you can definitely fill up on in different places from food street vendors, centuries old Vietnamese food stalls located in hidden corners, to unique Western-style restaurants. As a food lover, I always seek for the greatest gems in Hanoi, sticking to the list of the most distinct foods served in the best restaurants. Here are the must-try dishes I would highly recommend you dine on during your stay in this city.
#1 PHỞ
Beef pho at Pho Thin. Photo by me +Maze Vietnam A bowl of Pho is what Vietnamese people often breakfast on. Pho is the symbol of Vietnamese gastronomy, reflecting the unique…